Road Construction-Bridge Construction-Environmental Remediation

A large explosion in the middle of an open field.


We perform rock blasting services for structural excavation, mass excavation as well as underground utility installation.

A construction site with many vehicles parked on the side of it.

Commercial Site Development

We can provide our customers with complete site development packages including all phases of civil construction.

A crane is lifting concrete into the ground.

Structural Concrete & Bridge Construction

K.W. Emerson has the technically capable and knowledgeable staff to construct concrete abutments, piers, bents and all other features that come with the installation of bridges in the most challenging locations.

A road with trees on both sides of it


K.W. Emerson has completed many grading projects over the history of the company. We take pride in the quality of our work and the value we are able provide.

A tractor is in the distance on top of a field.

Mine Restoration

We can provide mine restoration and closure services including capping with earth, geotextile and impermeable covers. We also provide environmental rehabilitation services to return mine sites to their previous state.

A parking lot with no one in it


We provide all types of asphalt surface treatments including hot mix asphalt, chip seal, seal coat and crack sealing.

A fire hydrant that is in the street.

Underground Utilities

We can provide all types and sizes of new underground utility installation along with the maintenance or replacement of existing utilities.

A white bucket is in the ground and some dirt

Pipe Bursting

K.W. Emerson can provide underground utility rehabilitation in the form of pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is the replacement of deteriorated or failing pipes by pulling the same size or one size larger new HDPE or PVC pipe through the existing pipe.

A couple of yellow cranes are on top of rocks

Hydro Construction

K.W. Emerson is experienced in performing all types of hydro construction projects and can provide safe, high quality projects in compact time frames during short outages.